Video: Why is that? Explaining Día de Muertos in Mexico

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The Día de Muertos is a typical Mexican holiday that many of you might have heard of already. Most people however only have a slight notion of what it’s all about and maybe you know the image of the Catrina, a woman whose face is painted as a skull, with a beautiful dress and a flower crown on her head. To make things a little clearer and to tell you about Día de Muertos in more detail, I decided to make a video in which I answer the following questions:

When is Día de Muertos celebrated?

Where does that tradition come from?

What meaning does the image of the Catrina have?

What do you do on Día de Muertos?

And especially… How did I experience Día de Muertos directly here in Mexico?

As images say more than words, I added a little snippet of my night in Naolinco nearby Xalapa, Veracruz in form of a short video and thus hope to give you a small insight and some impressions of Mexican culture! Enough said, here we go. Have fun watching the video! :)

P.S.: There are English subtitles available, make sure to switch them on!




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  1. tolles umfassendes video, ich fand dieses fest immer schon total faszinierend und wäre auch soooo gerne mal live dabei! zu halloween hatte ich heuer ein ähnliches make-up wie die Kleine im Gesicht :-)

    LG Karin

    • Hey Karin, vielen Dank für dein Feedback :) Ja, irgendwie kennt man doch immer irgendwas vom Día de Muertos überall in der Welt. Freut mich, dass ich da dein Interesse noch bestärkt habe!
      Viele Grüße zurück,

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