Video: Puebla. The Magic City.

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Puebla is small, cosy and extremely beautiful. It has a lot to offer from colonial buildings over walls covered in Street Art to an agenda filled with programmes from the many Centros Culturales. The village of Cholula and a parc with monuments called “Los Fuertes” are nearby. A post about cool things to do in Puebla will definitely follow. Two of my favourite things however included non-touristic activites.

The first was a spontaneous Jam Session that we were invited to. A girl in the hostel got to know a musician in the streets and so we passed by his practice room that evening to listen to some music he plays together with some other people. It was all improvised and it was amazing to see how well they played together and really stopped all at the same time to start playing again together. It really fascinated me. It’s something so different to listen to people making music live and feeling it, seeing it. Plus the place where they practice was super tiny, so the acoustics were amazing. You heard every tone of the guitar, every beat of the drums and every bass note. At some point I was even invited to join them on the percussions and it was super fun even though I am not a music pro. But that’s exactly it – it’s about enjoying your time together, trying new things, learning and just letting go.

The second thing I really loved in Puebla was a street action organised by students. While I was in Puebla, there was the “Día Mundial sin Coches” (World “without cars” Day). Students decided to celebrate it longer than just on the 22 September, so they claimed parking lots on the streets and built spaces with expositions, art, sports activities and games to gain back the public space for everyone. Just not for cars. It was an amazing and fascinating idea and I couldn’t resist to play Jenga with one of the girls. I won. Thanks for the great match 😉

In the video down below you see some impressions that I captured with my camera and maybe you’ll even find the two activites that I just described! 😀

I hope you enjoy it. Have fun watching!


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