Video: Oaxaca. The Place I fell in Love with.

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Oaxaca fascinated me from the first moment on. The climate, the people, the landscape, the architecture and the culture are exactly like I’ve always pictured Mexico. Warm, welcoming, versatile, impressive, delicious and colourful. We also were lucky to be there a few days before Día de Muertos so we stepped right into the preparations. Altars were built, people dressed up, there were parades and music and a lot of typical food such as skulls made of chocolate. A short vacation in the heart of Mexico.

We came to Oaxaca in the first place because the group TRES Colectivo Escénico which are part of the theatre I’m working at in Xalapa presented a theatre piece there. The piece was called “Las Chicas del Carrer Notariat 10” (“The Girls from Notariat Street 10”) and the place was called La Locomotora. In this piece three girls are sharing an apartment in Barcelona and together they discover the wondrous ways of life and friendship. It’s one of my favourite play of all those that I’ve seen in my life.

We were also really lucky not only to see the city of Oaxaca but we also mastered the almost seven hour long way to the beach at Mazunte. It was a quite exhausting way, that I’m definitely going to tell you more about in the upcoming post about tips for Oaxaca. However it was so worth it. You can have a look at how beautiful this was as well as have an insight in our time in the city of Oaxaca in the video posted down below.

Nevertheless I have to mention that Oaxaca is indeed quite touristy. However at the same time it has a lot of things to offer: museums, cultural centres, bars, cafés, parks and most of all a history shaped by a left wing protest culture. Anarchy is a really big word here and you’ll find rebellious Street Art at every corner. But in the end I guess this is also what creates that special atmosphere in that city. In any case I fell for Oaxaca head over heals instantly!

Some more information about Oaxaca

State: Oaxaca
Size: 93.757km²
Inhabitants: 3,802 Millionen (as at 2010)
Climate: steppe climate which means hardly any rain (with most rainfall in the summer months) and all over the year the temperature during the day doesn’t fall below 18°C
Location: at the Pacific coast, west of Chiapas and east of Guerrero
Distance: ca. 6-7 hours by car from Mexico city (depending on the route between 460km and 550km), ca. 4 hours by plane from Cancún (1460km) and from Xalapa it was 6 hours by car and 8 hours by bus (approximately 450km)

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And now – enjoy the impressions of the colourful life in the city that I fell in love with, in which every step felt like as if I was home! :)


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