Video: Mexico City. Impressions of the Capital.

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I wanted to stay in Mexico City for seven days and ended up staying ten days but I still haven’t seen everything that I was planning to see. The city has so incredibly much to offer! I heard people saying that they’ve been living in the city for over twenty years and still discover new things. This is actually quite similar in Berlin which is why I, as a girl who grew up in a big city, was super happy to spend so much time in Mexico City. And I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Over 20 billion people live in this city and yes, you do notice that there are more people walking around than in Berlin or Paris but I have to say that it’s still nice and not too full. Except for a few metros that I missed because I didn’t fit anymore as there were already too many people inside the metro and except for pedestrian zones with a lot more people, I didn’t realise that abnormally high number of inhabitants.

I had doubts about going to the Mayan site of Teotihuacán because I have already seen the pyramids and temples in Tulum and Chichén Itzá and in the centre of Mexico City there are also some ruins that you can visit, so I really didn’t know if it’d be worth it going there. However, I decided to give it a try and I didn’t regret it not even a second because Teotihuacán is different from everything I’ve seen before. It was also the first time that I could climb up the pyrimads. It’s really a magical place!

More information about things you can do in Mexico City (and there’s really a lot of things to do!) will follow on this blog. Today I have a little video for you in which I’ve captured my impressions with my camera. I hope you enjoy it and that it awakens your curiosity to explore this fascinating city on your own someday. Have fun!

Some information about Mexico City

State: Distrito Federal
Size: 1.495 km² (City) | 7.866 km² (Metropolitan region)
Inhabitants: 8.851.080 (City) | 20.116.842 (Metropolitan region) (as at 2010)
Climate: warm and temperate, the average temperature is 15,9°C; however it can get quite chilly in the night (most of all in the winter months)
Location: in Mexico’s central highlands, surrounded by the states of Hidalgo in the north, Tlaxcula and Puebla in the east, Morelos in the south and México in the west
Distance: from Cancún it takes about 20 hours by car (1617km), which is why it’s recommendable to take a plane that takes like 2 ½ hours. In most cases you pay between 50-70€, just check out Skyscanner, there are a few airlines that offer flights. From Xalapa it took me 5 hours by bus (ca. 300km). The ADO bus cost me ca. 30€.

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Mexico city map

So now sit back and relax and enjoy the images of Mexico’s capital!


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