Top 5 Things to do in Puebla

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Puebla is a really cute city that has great things to offer. In this post, I’m gonna share with you my top 5 things to do to give you some idea of what you can find in Puebla. Some of the recommendations are things that you’ll also find in travel guides but some of them I discovered just by walking around and having a look at some places. I hope you enjoy this list and that you’ll get a little impression of Puebla!

Have a coffee in one of the cute cafés

If you’re looking in the right places, you’ll find a lot of cosy places to enjoy your time in Puebla while having a coffee, watching the people on the streets, enjoying some pastry and reading a book. Sounds good? Yup. I personally love spending time in coffee places. I just love the atmosphere because I always feel like having a lazy sunday afternoon, no matter what day it actually is. It just lets me foget all the stress and the things I have to do and lets me breathe for a minute. In Puebla I fell in love with three different coffee places that all follow different concepts:

libros & libros

As the name already suggests this is not only a coffee place but also a book store. Meaning you can either bring your own book or start reading one of the books they offer there while sipping on a smoothie or a coffee. By the way, a smoothie in Mexico is not a smoothie in the usal sense of the word, but is mostly just one type of fruit mixed with ice and sometimes sugar. Such a smoothie costs about 40 Pesos (2,00€) and a normal coffee is about 30 Pesos (1,50€).

  • Facebook Page
  • Address: 3 Poniente 305 local 103, Centro Historico, Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10.00AM – 08.00PM


I couldn’t walk past this cute little coffee place when I saw the tiny balcony with one single chair and one single table from downstairs. I entered the place and jumped right onto that balcony. It is super cosy and decorated really nicely with plants and shabby-style items. I really love that type of design. It may be a bit cheese but I cannot help it, I just feel so comfortable and welcome in such an atmosphere! The great thing about this place is that it’s a concept store (similar to the one I saw in Lisbon), so they also have a tiny shop downstairs that sells ecologic and homemade products. I bought a Matcha-Chili sauce with peanuts which is super spicy but also super delicious. I guess you’ll just have to get used to eat spicy here in Mexico. (60 Pesos)

  • Facebook Page
  • Address: Calle 3 Oriente 603-A, Centro Historico, Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
  • Opening Hours: everyday 10.00AM – 08.00PM

Boutique Café Santo Patrono

On my last day in Puebla I got to this place, which is practically next to the Atrio. I’ve seen it before but never had the time to go there. You can have breakfast here, coffee, tea, juices and they have a little outside area in front where you can watch people on the streets. By the way, Mexican breakfast is not just a small piece of bread or a yoghurt and that’s it. Mexican breakfast normally consist of various courses, starting with fruits, granola and pastry, going over to a main dish like Enmoladas, Chilaquiles or Empanadas (very heavy main dishes containg lots of carbohydrates) and ending with a dessert, mostly Gelatina. So if you’re really hungry, then breakfast is your meal of choice!

  • Facebook Page
  • Address: 3 Oriente 603, Centro Historico, Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
  • Opening Hours: everyday 08.30AM – 10.00PM

Buy presents in Casa de Alfeñique

Casa de Alfeñique is near Barrio del Artista in the east of the city centre. While in Barrio del Artista you can get a self painted portrait of you by one of the artists, you can buy handmade and typical goods from Puebla in Casa de Alfeñique. Tiles are super typical for Puebla, which you may have noticed when you already watched my video about Puebla. You can get tiny tiles as a little present for your beloved ones at home here, I paid 20 Pesos for two little pieces (which is approximately 1€). You can also buy Poblano sweets, clothes, ceramic and decoration on this market and what I really liked about it was that the shopkeepers weren’t as pushy as the ones on the Riviera Maya. They simple ask you to take a look on their stores and when you politely say “No, thank you”, they leave you alone. A really nice and relaxed atmosphere!

Participate in one of the many cultural events

Puebla is full of culture! When I got to the hostel, I skimmed through all the leaflets and booklets they had and checked out the different programmes. There is so much to do in Puebla! Overall when you are into films and movies, ’cause there’s a film almost everyday that you can see for free in one of the cultural centres or open air in the Zócalo (the main square). Once, there was even a screening of dance short films in the hostel itself, which was a student’s project that they do every two weeks in the hostel. At the same time there was an exposition and an award event of graphics, art and design that was accompanied by speeches and a Mexican rapper (that you can also see in the Puebla video). When you are into museums, you’ll also find a lot of places to go and various expositions that you can visit. While I was in Puebla, there was also the Festival Diverso (Diversity Festival) which featured for example a workshop of photography and blindness or paintings that physically disabled people created. A super interesting programme and you’ll always find things to do in Puebla, which mostly are even for free! Just check out the programmes in the hostels or the cultural centres themselves.

Go to Cholula

The village of Cholula is definitely worth a visit when you’re in Puebla. It’s a 30-40 minute ride in a local bus or a “camioneta” from the city centre of Puebla and costs about 6-7 Pesos (which is 0,30€-0,35€, so practically nothing). Once you’re there the first thing you’ll have to do is climbing up the stairs to get to the Cholula church (Santuario de la Virgen de los Remedios) from where you can see the whole lillte village. A pretty beautiful sight! The church itself is also really pretty, so make sure you’ll have a look inside it. On our way down, we stopped at some jewellery stalls and were very lucky to meet a Mexican who knew a lot about Mayas, Mexican history and traditional medicine and gems. It was super interesting to listen to him telling us about how Mayan people used to widen their knowledge by travelling to Guatemala and sending their following generations back to the Riviera Maya to pass on the knowledge they gained from different cultures there. I also learned a bit about Mayan symbols and really fell in love with one named “Hunab Ku”, which is kind of the Mexican version of Yin and Yang.
When we kept on walking down, we reached the most interesting part of Cholula as the church up high is built on top of ancient Maya pyramids. It’s super fascinating to see the contrast of those two cultures but I’d suggest you to save your money and not go inside the Zona Arqueológica and rather spend it in Chichén Itzá or Tulum. However it’s still worth it to see it from the outside.
A street I can recommend if you want to buy presents, handmade goods or souvenirs that are really original is the Avenida Morelos (72760 Cholula de Rivadabia). You’ll find various shops that all offer different kinds of things from traditional dresses over wooden goods and decoration to jewellery and the prices are really okay. If you’re done with the shopping and would like to take a coffee break or have something to eat, just go to Magenta. The service is great, they even prepared me a vegan meal, while everything on the menu contained meat, dairy or eggs and the breakfast package is really affordable. Plus, the decoration is just lovely.

  • Magenta Café Facebook Page
  • Address: 6 norte #202, Cholula
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 09.00AM – 10.00PM, Thursday and Friday 09.00AM – 02.30AM, Saturday 09.00AM – 02.00AM, Sunday 09.00AM -06.00PM
  • Prices: Breakfast package 45Pesos (ca. 2,75€) natural orange juice about 15 Pesos (0,75€)

Design your own jewellery

That’s probably one of the most fun and original things that I did in Puebla. In a jewellery shop near the Zona Arqueológica there are a million things you can buy to design your own jewellery and the best thing about it: they offer you a free mini class of crafting it yourself! May it be earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, they show you how it works and you can take your handmade jewellery home with you and maybe buy even more material to continue at home. Prices are moderate and it’s a very special gift you can bring your beloved ones or a personal souvenir that’s definitely unique.

  • where to find it: walking from the Zona Arqueológica to the Zócalo of Cholula (I’m still trying to figure out the shop name and the exact address. Will follow!)
  • Prices for a selfmade bracelet: a simple one consisting of only one thread 3 Pesos (0,15€) and the one you see in the picture below was 30 Pesos (1,50€)

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