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If you’re following my blog and my social media channels on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, you already know that I fell in love head over heels with the city of Oaxaca. Well, actually with the whole state! To show you how beautiful this piece of earth is, I collected my personal tips for you and share my wonderful moments with you. If you’d like to watch it all in the shape of moving pictures, just have a look at my last blog entry. In that one I share my video about Oaxaca with you! But right now enjoy the little insights in this unique place with me:

Museums and Theatres

Oaxaca is a city with a lot of tradtion but not necessarily with huge loads of cultural activites. When it comes to theatre for example there’s not too many offers to choose from and the theatre forum La Locomotora is the only permanent stage for independent theatre projects, workshops and theatre activites in Oaxaca. The good part is that this forum does provide a lot of things to do and a really good quality. La Locomotora was also the place where a group from the theatre Área 51 had a performance. Área 51 is the theatre in Xalapa where I’m doing my internship at the moment,
Oaxaca doesn’t have a bunch of museums either, however I can definitely recommend two: The first one is the Centro Cultural Santo Domingo that’s located in the centre directly next to the cathedral Santo Domingo. They don’t only exhibit artefacts from precolombian and (post) colonial times in Mexico but you can also enjoy a breath-taking view on the botanic garden that’s really impressive.
When we were in Oaxaca the museum of contemporary art MACO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) had a photography exposition of the photo journalist Pedro Valtierra. He’s a really inspiring person and if you’re interested in political photo journalism, then make sure to check out Valtierras project CUARTOSCURO.

  • La Locomotora Foro Escénico
    Facebook Page
    Address: Calle Norte 1 No. 109, Oaxaca de Juárez
  • Centro Cultural Santo Domingo Facebook Page
    Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00AM – 06.15PM
    Entry fee: $65 (ca. 3,25€)
  • MACO Homepage
    Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday 10.30AM – 08.00PM
    Entry fee: $20, with a discount $10 (ca. 1,00€, bzw. 0,50€)

Take a Trip to the Beach

You’ll have to get used to different distances in Mexico. This country is so huge that an half an hour walk or seven hours by bus is not that much of a distance. This was exactly the case when we decided to go to the beach in the state of Oaxaca. Almost six hours in a Camión (a kind of van) plu half an hour in a taxi just to enjoy one evening and one morning on the beach of Mazunte. Oh right, and the same way back again. Actually it’s just a distance of 250km from the city of Oaxaca but as the way goes through the mountains it takes ages. The last three hours were only curves and they were so sharp that we could hardly stay in our seats. But it was so worth it! Watching the sun go down in Punta Cometa was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the first time ever that we bathed in the Pacific sea. We’ve seen several shooting stars and a million stars above us in the night sky. During the night we watched a huge storm in the middle of the sea. And we slept on the beach for the first time. On our beach towels and with not only one single person nearby. I cannot even find the right words to tell you how beautiful that was! Mazunte is just magical, I can’t put it another way.
Another tip: Mazunte is quite expensive so if you’d like to have something to eat or buy some things, I’d recommend you to do that in Pochutla where the Camión ends.

  • How to get there:
    The best option is to take a Camión by Líneas Unidas. The station in Oaxaca is located in Calle Bustamante 603C in the centre and the Camión gets you to Pochutla. From there you can take a taxi to Mazunte. The best point to watch the sunset is Punta Cometa. Just follow the signs, you can easily reach it by foot. Just prepare to hike through a little forest.
  • How much does it cost?
    The Camión from Oaxaca to Pochutla was $170 per person (ca. 8,50€), the taxi was $30 for the both of us (ca. 1,50€).
    As for the food, we paid $60 for a plate of Mole (ca. 3,00€) which is quite expensive for Mexican standards. In Pochutla we paid $40 for a soup with Tortilla (ca. 2,00€).

Comida Oaxaqueña

Mole Oaxaqueño is like one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my life. Basically it’s a sauce that’s made of different types of chili and they add a little bit of typical chocolate from the place you’re in. It’s sometimes pretty spicy and sometimes not but it’s always super delicious! By the way, most of the times it’s even vegan ’cause normally they prepare the chocolate without milk. To try this dish you can take a walk to Mercado 20 de Noviembre where you get a plate for a small amount of money. I also recommend you to try out the food stalls in the Calle Bustamante (take a look at the map down below). You’ll get Atole in the morning here (a drink that’s made of corn starch and different fruits or chocolate) and all day you can have some Picadas or Tortillas (a round flat dough cake on which they spread a bean paste and that’s topped with different ingredients that you can choose from). And you also always have a vegan option here!

  • Prices:
    Mole in the Mercado 20 de Noviembre $50 (ca. 2,50€)
    Atole for $15 (ca. 0,75€)
    A big Tortilla for $20 (ca. 1,00€)

Take a Workshop for Traditional Mexican Art

If you wanna do something really cool and extraordinary, then check out the gallery workshop space Xochipilli. They do not only sell selfmade pieces of art inspired by ancient Mexican symbols and traditions but you can also participate in a workshop. There are no schedules but you can just go there, talk to the guys and see when you can come around. We were offered two workshops: one was a lineolium print workshop and another one was painting ancient Mexican symbols on feathers. Even if the feather workshop really interested me there was unfortunately not enough time to do it. Nevertheless, this was not my last time in Oaxaca, so I’ll definitely have another chance to do it.
Another great thing is that the people who are working there know a lot about Mexican and indigenous tradition, culture and shamanism, which is super interesting to hear about! This is why it’s worth it to go there even if you don’t wanna do a workshop. Oh, right – they also do tattoos!

  • Galeria de Arte Xochipilli Facebook Page
    Address: Callejón boca del Monte 122, Centro, Oaxaca
    Tel.: (+52 1) 044 951 128 5812
    Opening Hours: no regular opening hours but they’re usually in the gallery from 12.00PM on
    Prices for the Workshops: between $400 and $500 (ca. 20,00€ – 25,00€)

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