The Best Beaches in Jacó, Costa Rica

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Jacó is known to be one of the hotspots to party in Costa Rica. There are several bars and clubs next to each other, so you can basically drop off one of them and just enter next door to another one. That’s why Jacó is a pretty famous backpacking location as you can combine partying until sunrise with curing your hangover on the beach. It’s also a great surf spot, I was told. But with parties come drugs, so it’s no surprise that you have one of the highest drug trafficking and drug consuming rate of Costa Rica here. Prostitution is also a big issue in Jacó and I couldn’t believe my eyes when one day we were just strolling around a hotel bar and casino and noticed that 80% of the people walking around there were prostitutes. Yes, this is one side of Jacó. A very difficult one, in my opinion.

However, there’s another side to Jacó as well. One that lets you discover the beauty of the Costa Rican coast, that lets you taste the salt of the ocean and that lets you hear the crashing of the waves. One with dark brown to almost black sand, that sometimes even appears as if it would sparkle. This is the Jacó that I got know. When I was in La Fortuna, we met a Costa Rican couple and they spontaneously decided to accompany me to Jacó. As they know this place quite well, they showed me three different beaches: Playa Jacó, Playa Hermosa and Playa Caletas. Sure, we also went out to dance one night but in this entry I wanna show the beauty of Jacós Pacific beaches. So sit back, realx and take a little trip to the ocean with me!

Playa Jacó

Playa Jacó is the main beach in Jacó and the easiest to reach when you stay there. There are a lot of people who surf or getting into the waves with their boogie boards. There are not too many spots that provide protecting shadow, so either you bring your own sunshade or you put on sunscreen every five minutes. Keep in mind that it’s getting really hot in Jacó! Jumping into the ocean can be a real relief then.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa literally means “Beautiful Beach”. Well, what should I say, I guess they’re right with naming it like that. The sand is a little darker here and more sparkly. It’s a lot quieter and lonelier than Playa Jacó and there are no restaurants or bars near. This is only the beach. Practically untouched. Plus, there were hardly any people so we had the beach for ourselves. A really great place to relax by the sea.

Playa Caletas

Playa Caletas is a beach zone that you can only reach by driving through the Hotel Villa Caletas, so you have to keep in mind there opening hours. The beach itself is publicly but there’s just no other way to reach it. A car is more than recommended as it is way too far to go there walking! However, even the way to the beach is beautiful because the hotel lies uphill, so you can enjoy a great view over Jacó on the way. Playa Caletas is definitely the best place to watch the sunset over the ocean.

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