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Granada, this little piece of earth with 237.000 inhabitants, located in the south of Spain in Andalucía, is a phenomenon! I had no idea what to expect before I started my trip there and…

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Post DIY Travel Memories

I am a big fan of small, personal souvenirs. Sure, the best memories are still in your head and cannot be bought or touched. But as I am someone who struggles with remembering things, I really love…

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Post Sustainibility

While I was walking through the streets of the Mexican city San José del Cabo and watching the people, I noticed one thing: you hardly see any Mexicans there. And if you do, then…

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VidPic Mexico City neu

I wanted to stay in Mexico City for seven days and ended up staying ten days but I still haven’t seen everything that I was planning to see. The city has so incredibly much to offer…

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VidPic Havana

Cuba is the most unusual country I have ever been to. It is so different and special that it took me some time to get used to it. I was in Havana for four days and by now I think there are…

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VidPic Berlin and me

Since the moment I moved from noisy, crowded Berlin to a quiet, small and cosy village at the Lake of Constance I always wanted to get back. Back home, back to the loud, colourful streets…

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