Nightlife in Paris Part I

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Outdoor Area in Cabaret Sauvage
Outdoor Area in Cabaret Sauvage

Partying in Paris is one of the best things to do! As I personally prefer techno and electronic music to go out, my recommendations will focus on that kind of places. To start with, the best day to go out is Thursday as in many clubs it’s usually for free and it’s almost the weekend so people don’t really care if they’re tired the next day. But also the weekend has great events to offer. Some of them are presented in the free-of-charge paper “A Nous” that you find in metro stations, so have a look there and check out the clubs’ webpages as well! Here are some places I really enjoyed in Paris:

Le Cabaret Sauvage is one of my favourite venues. In 2013 when I lived in Paris there was an event called “Endless Circle”. It started on Sundays in the afternoon and was finished at midnight and lying in the sun before it started, having a drink with my friends and then dancing under a clear blue sky was amazing! They have an outdoor area and an indoor area that looks like a circus arena. It’s located in the Parc de la Villette which is great because you have places to hang around before everywhere. However, Le Cabaret Sauvage isn’t only great for techno lovers but offers everything else as well, from funk over hip hop and rock to circus shows.

Located in the 2nd arrondissement you find Social Club, a place that has great electronic music nights as well as hip hop and everything in between. It’s not too big but offers enough space for everyone to be able to dance and have a great time. Cool people, amazing music and affordable entry prices.

From the photo booth in La Machine du Moulin Rouge.

Another one of my favourite places to go out at night is La Machine du Moulin Rouge. As the name suggests, it is located next to Moulin Rouge and the place is huge. Despite its size, it still loses nothing of its atmosphere as it is nicely decorated and even has a photoboth inside. Very danceable music, mostly electronic with some special events dedicated to different music included in their agenda.

If you’re in Paris on a Sunday, you definitely have to check out Concrete. It is quite expensive with 20€ entry but the party starts Sunday at lunch time and goes on until Monday morning, so your money pays off. The cool thing about it is that Concrete is a boat in the Seine and has an interior dancefloor and an outside terrace with water sprinklers in summer. Spend a whole day there just lazing around, dancing and enjoying the sun!

Stay tuned for Part II of Nightlife in Paris and in the meantime go check out all of these treasures!

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