Lisbon To-Do-List Part I

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We only stayed a couple of days in Lisbon, so of course we only discovered a very small part of this city. Still I must say that we discovered amazing places there and had a really good time! However, I have to admit that it was not love at first sight with Lisbon. As we came there directly from beautiful, cosy little Porto, Lisbon appeared to me too dirty, too structureless and too grey. The rainy weather didn’t make it any better. But when we started to roam the streets and to see really great places, Lisbon started to grow on me. I might have to give it another chance for me to really love it but until now, I can only fill your To Do List with those amazing things and places in Portugal’s capital. As it turned out to really be a lot of things, I decided to split it into two parts. So, here comes Part one!

Culture: LX Factory

Before we got there we didn’t quite know what LX Factory was. We’ve read about it on the Internet and were told that it was kind of an art area and a very hip place. Well, this may be true but LX Factory is so much more than just an art area! It reminded me a little bit of Kulturbrauerei mixed with RAW Gelände in Berlin. It’s basically an area that you enter and you’ll find bars with live concerts, coffee places, art galleries, restaurants and artsy shops where you can buy great gifts and cool decoration. We arrived there after midnight which was sad because some of the places were already slowly closing. As we were looking for something to eat, we entered one of the buildings which had various floors, and found ourselves in an industrial looking, white painted place. We took the elevator, tried out a random floor and when the doors opened again we were walking straight into a blue-lit room which was kind of a lounge-bar-party area. Unfortunately with no food. Still it was kind of cool to enter somewhere, not knowing what to expect and finding yourself in a more or less “underground” party scene all of a sudden. LX Factory really provided a unique atmosphere and people here were just as crazy as they were nice! This should definitely be on your Lisbon To Do List.

  • Homepage
  • Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 06.00AM – 04.00AM

Beach: Surfing

I’m not really fond of water, everyone who knows me can confirm that. However I love the sea, I love laying on the beach and I love hopping into the water now and then. What I don’t like is constantly feeling like I’m drowning which was the case when my sister and me went for a surf lesson in Carcavelos. The waves were supposed to be okay for beginners but still they threw me to the beach or pulled me further away all the time. Plus a surf board is heavier and bigger than they look like in movies, so I was always scared for it to hit my head. In a nutshell, surfing is really not my thing. Still, it was cool to try it out ’cause you never know if you don’t try, right? This is why I really recommend this place. The surf teacher was super nice and constantly comforted me by saying that so far nobody has ever died in his class. This was nice to know. No, but let’s be serious: for 20€ including the surf board, a swimming suit and a two-hour-lesson it was really worth it!

  • Hompage Carcavelos Surf School
  • Address: Avenida Marginal – Carcavelos Beach
  • Opening Hours: Depending on Resevations, generally 08.00AM – 00.00AM

Drinks: PARK Bar

It’s not that easy to find PARK Bar when you’re a stranger but after asking two very nice hairdressers for the way who used that moment to explain us their new marketing idea and asking us about our opinion on it, we entered a parking lot, took the elevator and found ourselves in a beautiful rooftop bar. I must say this also reminded me of a place in Berlin, the Klunkerkranich, but it was still a great place to spend some time sipping a beer and watching the sun set over Lisbon. The furniture was a collection of almost everything, they sometimes even looked selfmade. There was a DJ playing music and young people were enjoying the sunny afternoon. A very hipster place but really recommendable.

  • Facebook Page
  • Address: Calçada Do Combro, 58
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12.30PM – 02.00AM

Dinner: Food Temple

I think this is the smallest restaurant I’ve ever seen in my life but it also has the most welcoming atmosphere I’ve ever seen. It is run by a couple of young people who cook in a tiny kitchen which is connected to the eating room, so it seemes more like a private home than a restaurant. The eating room itself consists of smaller and bigger tables and offer place for I’d guess maybe 15-20 people but as it is so tiny it may be that you’ll have to share your table with strangers. Which is great because this is what Food Temple is about: connecting to people. They only cook vegan food but if you think this is all about replacing and supplementing ingredients, you are wrong, as they are using products you can buy in every supermarket. The menu varies daily depending on what they feel inspired of when doing the daily food shopping on the market. In summer they even have a small “outside area” which is basically some pillows and tiny tables on the stairs in front of the place.
If you want to enjoy healthy ecologic food, have a nice chat with strangers and feel at home instantly, this is the place you have to go to. Just make sure you reserve in advance, so you can be sure to get a table!

  • Homepage
  • Address: Beco do Jasmim 18
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 07.30PM – 01.00AM

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