Liebster Award – A Trail of Glitter got nominated!

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I am as happy as a unicorn dancing in the middle of a rainbow! Thank you very much, dear Annie from Mademoiselle Chou for nominating me for Liebster Award. Annie blogs about Fashion and Beauty, Career and Lifestyle and restarted her blog just recently to fully dedicate herself to it. So have a look at her blog and let her inspire you with all the thoughts and ideas she’s sharing on Mademoiselle Chou!

About the Award – The Liebster Award is meant to support smaller blogs and to spread some love and positivity. When a blogger is nominated they get asked questions by the one nominating them which they have to answer. The questions are all about blogging and provides the possibility to present your blog and yourself a little more. At the end, new bloggers are to be nominated. Ready? Then let’s start with my answers to Annie’s questions!

1. How did you start to blog?
I’ve always liked writing, may it be something fictional, personal, critical or journalistic. I’ve also wanted to publish some of the texts I’ve written which partly happened to come true when my friend Luisa and me started our first Photography/Fashion/Lifestyle-related blog called „The First Day of Spring“. Unfortunately our blog didn’t survive our geographical distance (our friendship however did!). A Trail of Glitter arose from an idea I had during my Erasmus semestre in Madrid. I wanted to create a platform to combine all those great places and travel tips that I stumble upon on my way with personal experiences, photography, videos and whatever else may come to my mind.

2. What makes your blog special?
My blog includes those information and tips that I personally like to read too when I’m travelling. Sometimes you maybe wanna get some recommendations beforehand instead of just wandering around and this is exactly what I’m trying to provide with A Trail of Glitter. However my blog is not a lame travel guide as I am connecting everything to personal experiences and thoughts. This is why it leaves a little bit of happiness and glitter on those places that I share with you here!

3. Is there something you’d like to write about that you didn’t yet (and if yes, why didn’t you)?
I have a bunch of ideas in my head, all of them from past travels, for example the second parts of my Nightlife in Paris or Lisbon To-Do-List posts. However there are always more ideas popping into my head which are more recent than the other ones which is why I tend to prioritise them.

4. What inspires you?
Beautiful moments. When you’re in the right place with the right person then there’s nothing that could be better! Those moments show me how amazing life can be.

5. What do you pay attention at when blogging?
I’m paying attention at both content and layout. Misspelled words, typos or fals spacing annoy me as much as sentences that lack excitement. This is why I invest quite a lot of time into one blog post.

6. What is your cure for a writer’s block?
Go out, make new experiences, see, hear, smell, feel, taste. Just try to live a bit and the ideas keep coming automatically.

7. When are you satisfied with yourself?
When I’m being productive. I gotta admit that there are quite some times that I’m lying in bed doing nothing but watching a series (at the moment: Jane the Virgin). But when I really wanna be satisfied with myself, I have to cross out the last thing on my To-Do-List.

8. When you’re not blogging, you’re doing …?
… all kinds of things. From lying in bed and doing nothing over reading, drawing, making handmade stuff to going out to party I have everything to offer. I also love to try out new things and to get myself into new, unknown adventures.

9. Your 3 favourite blogs?
First there is TravelRunPlay. Carina was roaming Latin America in a van for one and a half year down from Argentina up to the USA and she inspired me to create a blog on my own. I also love to read the sometimes deep sometimes light-hearted texts from MariaMeetsAnna. Last but not least, I visit Mirella’s blog mirellativegal quite often, just because she is such a cool person and I also love her YouTube videos.

10. What was the best moment in your life so far?
That’s hard to tell. Parasailing with my little sister up high in Barcelona’s sky? Dancing on a festival together with my friends, keeping my eyes closed and having a little too much wine leaving my head spinning? Or just being in the arms of the person I love the most and watching the millions of stars hanging in the nightsky of Mallorca? I think happiness is always happiness. I cannot put that in a hierarchic order.

11. What do you expect of the Liebster Award?
Well, maybe there are one or two people more that discover my blog and they maybe even return! Moreover, I am already super happy to see that there are people that support me in doing what I love. So here goes a Thank you!

My nominees are …

  • In 80 Tagen um die Welt is Esthers travel blog that is sepcialised in the orient and full of adventure and curiousity.
  • TRYTRYTRY is Lauras incredibly lovingly made blog that reaches from DIYs over Food to Travel. She also makes great videos.
  • At UrbanFoodJungle Josi and Dani combine everything concerning Food with Travel Diaries and Big City Experiences.
  • The two Lisas writing on Lisa’s Closeup discover the small things in everyday life and write about DIYs, delicious recipes, travel tips and everything else that comes to their minds.
  • HeyRicardo is the blog of Rotterdam-based student Ricardo who shares his photography projects on this platform.

My questions for the nominees …

1. What topics do you write about on your blog and why?
2. How did you start to blog?
3. What goals do you want to reach with your blog?
4. How do you integrate blogging into your daily life?
5. What’s one of your favourite past projects on your blog?
6. What is one of your future projects that you look forward to?
7. How do you organise your blog? Do you post regularly, do have an idea notebook, etc.?
8. Which side of you is a side your readers don’t know yet?
9. Your 3 favourite blogs are…?
10. What inspires you?
11. What makes a blog a great blog?

The Liebster Award Rules

1. Thank the person that nominated you (and link it to the person’s blog).
2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you gave you.
3. Nominate 3, 5, 8 or 11 more bloggers with less than 300 followers for Liebster Award
4. Create a new list with 11 questions for the bloggers you nominated.
5, Copy those rules into your Liebster Award post.
6. Insert one of the Liebster Award logos into your post.

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