Are you ready to travel?

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How easy would it be just to wake up in the morning, decide to go somewhere and buy a ticket right away. To save yourself all the stress and the energy to look for a place to sleep, to inform … Continued

The Perfect Belize Route

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Things in life often come different than you originally thought or planned. During my travels in Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica I learned to embrace situations like that and just to go with the flow. Not making too tight plans and … Continued

Eyes shut and go for it!

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„I’m not a hobo, a lot of people do that!” … says a female voice in my headphones while getting mad about the false assumption. The voice comes from an audio book. To be precise from the audio book „Wild: … Continued

Doing Sports on Holidays

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Being on holidays is great! Discovering new places, people and things, tasting new food and drinks and maybe even getting to know a new culture is exciting. However, being away from home might interrupt your usual workout routine and while … Continued

The Best Tips for Oaxaca

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If you’re following my blog and my social media channels on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, you already know that I fell in love head over heels with the city of Oaxaca. Well, actually with the whole state! To show you … Continued


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As you may have noticed on my Instagram or Facebook account, a few bloggers and me start a A Photo a Day Challenge a week ago using the hashtag #7daysaphotoaday. It was an open challenge, so everyone who would have … Continued

Video: Riviera Maya

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Let’s find a beautiful place to get lost. The Riviera Maya is one of the most beautiful places on earth that you could imagine. White sand beaches, a turquoise coloured ocean and green palm trees. I guess there could be … Continued

Giving away your Belongings

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Whether you’re planning to move away or just want to clean out your home a bit, you’re gonna ask yourself that one question: What am I supposed to do with all that stuff that I don’t need anymore? It’s always … Continued

Hello Mexico.

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I only got to know you in person a few days ago but I heard a lot about you before I met you. They said you were beautiful. Impressive. And yes, I can confirm that it’s true but all those … Continued

My Personal Hints for Porto

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When travelling to a new city, you normally read a lot of things about this city before. You may get hints and recommendations by friends, internet users or even locals. But in my opinion the greatest thing is to discover … Continued

Green Market Berlin

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Yup, I already hear you say, “Oh no, not yet another vegan food blogger!” Don’t worry, that’s not gonna happen, I’m not gonna change into somenone telling you how amazing it is to be vegan and share food pictures everyday. … Continued

Lisbon To-Do-List Part I

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We only stayed a couple of days in Lisbon, so of course we only discovered a very small part of this city. Still I must say that we discovered amazing places there and had a really good time! However, I … Continued

Best Flea Markets in Porto

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I travelled to Porto with an already overfull handbag and didn’t have a lot of space anymore to buy stuff. Little things, yes. A key chain, a necklace, maybe a little notebook but no shoes. And what did I buy? … Continued

What to see in Granada Part II

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Since my last post about sights in Granada you already know that I fell a bit in love with all the beautiful buildings and monuments there. This is the rest of the most important sights that I’d really recommend to … Continued

Beautiful Street Art in Porto

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While roaming the streets of Porto you can always discover a little piece of art now and then. I really like stumbling over street art becuase it’s a colourful spot you just discover yourself while being on the way to … Continued

DIY Creating Travel Memories

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I am a big fan of small, personal souvenirs. Sure, the best memories are still in your head and cannot be bought or touched. But as I am someone who struggles with remembering things, I really love having little things … Continued

What to see in Granada Part I

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Granada, this little piece of earth with 237.000 inhabitants, located in the south of Spain in Andalucía, is a phenomenon! I had no idea what to expect before I started my trip there and was surprised in the most positive … Continued

Lisbon by Night

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As my sister and me had nothing planned on one evening and we already bought a 24-hour Metro ticket, we decided to take a little walk in the city center and discover Lisboa a bit by night. As is it … Continued

Nightlife in Paris Part I

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Partying in Paris is one of the best things to do! As I personally prefer techno and electronic music to go out, my recommendations will focus on that kind of places. To start with, the best day to go out … Continued