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In my first entry about how to travel Mexico I shared with you my tips on transportation. In this one I will tell you where and how you can find a nice place to stay and also give you some more unusual ideas concerning accomodation. I personally made really great experiences with accomodation in Mexico and I always felt super safe, doesn’t matter which way to travel I chose. If you happen to have travelled Mexico as well, feel very welcome to share your own tips here. But for now, here are my recommendations on how to find the best accomodation in Mexico.



Hostels work the same in Mexico as everywhere, just that in some cities you might not have that much to choose from. In Baja California Sur for example, you do find hostels, but first of all with $300 (ca. 15€) per night it seemed a little expensive to me and you only find like one or two. However I made really great experiences in Mexico City, where I stayed in Hostal Regina, a place that I highly recommend. Super clean, a nice atmosphere and directly in the center. In Tulum I absolutely loved Hostal La Negrita. The owners are sweethearts, the place is clean and cosy and surrounded by a beautiful garden. If you’re lucky, you can spot Tucan birds in the palm trees! The price I normally paid in Mexico was between $180 and $210 (ca. 9-10€). Mostly I checked Hostelworld for that but sometimes you also get a discount if you text the hostels directly on Facebook. My experience showed me that you find the cheapest prices for hostels on Hostelworld or Hostelbookers.
Of course, you also always find hotels but as this is the most obvious (and most expensive) option, I won’t go into detail here.


AirBnB is another option that you can find everywhere in Mexico. I stayed in an AirBnB when I went to Oaxaca for the first time and it was really a nice, typical casa oaxaqueña with lots of colours and beautiful decoration. In Los Cabos I stayed in one “by accident” as my Couchsurfer had a friend whose boyfriend (complicated, yeah) rents rooms in his house on AirBnB. We stayed there for free as it was her friend, but the house was amazing! So if you want to have some privacy and maybe talk to locals but not necessarily hang around with them the whole time, then this is your option! They also have a really great customer service that I can absolutely recommend! You can reach the Mexican AirBnB service via this number: +52 55 4170 4333. By the way, it’s always a good option to check out the webpage wimdu as well. Works exactly the same way as AirBnB, it’s just not that famous. But now and then it’s worth it to check out different options.


My by now favourite way to travel is without doubt Couchsurfing! I tried it a few times more or less before and already made great experiences but since I have started to travel around Mexico, I almost constantly use it. It works like this: you have a profile on the Couchsurfing website and you can look for people that can host you in the destination you wanna go. Then you check their profile, you request your stay and they tell you yes or no. You stay there for free, it’s forbidden to take any money for it, so basically what you can expect is a place to sleep, maybe a couch in the living room, maybe your own room if you’re lucky, and a person to hang around with or who can give you tips to discover their city. I met amazing people through Couchsurfing and even made some great friends. It saves you money and at the same time it gives you incredible experiences!


A thing I haven’t tried yet is something called Workaway. However, in La Paz I met some people who stayed at the same place that I stayed at, just me via Couchsurfing and they via Workaway. The principle is simple: you help someone with whatever work they have to do, for example cleaning the house, taking care of pets or farm animals or work in their garden, and therefore you get to stay for free at their house plus normally you also get free food. You can check the different offers on the Workaway webpage and if something seems appaling to you, you can contact them. The guys I met in La Paz already taught English to children in Thailand and were now helping to renovate the house we were staying at. A similar option is WWOOFING where you work on organic farms and get accomodation and food for free.


Housesitting is another thing I haven’t tried yet but it sounds really great! Houseowners who leave their house alone for a while, for example during holidays, offer you to stay at their place for free and all you have to do for it is to take care of their house while they’re away. The same goes for pets that they can’t take with them. From what I’ve seen, you mostly have long-term stays that are planned a couple of weeks or months in advance, but if you don’t mind that, this is an amazing possibility to live for free in beautiful houses. A page for Mexico that I discovered is HouseSitMexico. If you happen to have more tips concerning housesitting, let me know down below!

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