How to sell Things on a Flea Market

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Get a stall and sell your things. That’s the basic method when you want to sell your belongings on a flea market. But in order to make better sales, enjoy it a little more and make the best out of your flea market day, I collected some ideas to help you organize everything!

Sort things out – the more, the better

If you wanna sell things on a flea market, make sure you really give away whatever you can. It’s not only better for your wallet but it also makes you feel a lot more free. Giving things away can be a great feeling, so be honest to yourself and ask yourself if you really need all those things and clothes you have. Even though some look pretty or you connect memories to it, I guarantee, you’ll feel so much better when you give those things a new home where they are appreciated. Plus you can always share stories about your belongings, which can be great fun.

 Know your territory




We chose Mauerpark flea market because we knew there are a whole lot of hipsters around there. Young people who are always looking out for special things. As we really gave away some of our most beautiful clothes we figured this was the place to go for us. And we were right. We sold a lot! So before you sell something at a flea market, check it out yourself and ask yourself if you’d go there, too. If you think you wouldn’t fit in with your things then go look for another one.




 Make yourself comfortable: chairs, food and drinks

We almost forgot to borrow camping chairs from a friend, so thank God we remembered it in the last minute! You’re going to be at the flea market for quite some time, in our case 11 hours, and standing the whole time is no fun. We also brought some food to share and big bottles full of coffee as we woke up at 5.45 in the morning. So, making yourself as comfortable as you can puts you into a better mood instantly!


Nothing is a better eyecatcher than a nicely decorated stall that suggests: “Come here, we have cool things to offer!” I love making decoration and handmade stuff so of course I brought some colourful paper, scissors, pens, some string and adhesive to make the garland you see in the picture. We also had those paper strings and in the end we glued a white piece of paper on a colourful one to write prices on it. It really looked nice and definitely rose attention.

Recycle old plastic bags

This is something we didn’t think of but that I’d like to recommend you. While we were selling our things, people kept asking us if we’d have a bag for their new-bought things. You never know what you might find at a flea market so people mostly don’t take empty bags to flea markets. However, we have some plastic bags at home that we don’t use ’cause we always take our own bags to go shopping. So this would’ve been a great way to recycle those bags.

Make a list to share your incomes

If you’re sharing a stall with friends, which I highly recommend ’cause a) it’s more fun, b) you share the costs for a stall and c) you don’t have to carry everything on your own, make sure to keep track of your incomes. If all you almost have the same amount and the same type of things then maybe you can just divide it by all of you equally. However, this not the case with us, so to keep it fair, we noted all the incomes for each person and it worked quite well!

Have great people around you







A flea market should be fun, so this is why having great people around you is the best thing that could happen. I have great flatmates that I shared the stall with, we were given croissants and Mate drink from friends, people were coming by to say hello and spend some time with us and another great person helped us getting all the rest home by car. Thank you, all of you. Because nice people are the best people!


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