Hello Mexico.

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I only got to know you in person a few days ago but I heard a lot about you before I met you. They said you were beautiful. Impressive. And yes, I can confirm that it’s true but all those meaningless words cannot describe how I see you myself and what you are to me. ‘Cause Mexico, I gotta admit that I already fell in love with you quite a lot.

I love the salt in my hair, on my skin and my lips when I’m diving into the ocean that looks surreal and that’s not only turqouise-coloured but also emerald blue, blue-green and sky blue all at the same time. I love that the water has the temperature of a cosy bath tub und even though it doesn’t cool me down it still makes me move with the flow of the waves while I’m watching the shore with its white-sand beach and the meterhigh palm trees that stand side by side.

I love the close heat that’s lingering on my body and covering it completely as soon as I take a single step outside. The feeling of being surrounded by an invisible steam that smells of sunshine and palm trees. The prickle on my skin as soon as I can feel the first warm breeze.

I love the green trees, plants and bushes that might still be just trees, plants and bushes but it’s not the same. ‘Cause there are violet agave plants that can be spotted now and then and lianas that reach unto the bottom. ‘Cause you find grass hoppers almost the size of my hand but at the same time there are cute little coati babies that jump happily towards you and make a quirky, merry sound.

I love the fact that you, dear Mexico, are the place that I’ll be calling home for the next eight months and that we’ll live through all kinds of things. Good, bad, exciting, relaxed. New. You are more beautiful than I’ve ever imagined or dreamt of and you make me so incredibly happy that I go to bed with a smile on my face and wake up with a smile on my face. Because I can’t believe that I’m so lucky to actually be here. Hello, new home. Hello Mexico.

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  1. oh my god, the landscape is BREATHTAKING! <3 I am so gonna pick you up there next year!!! 😀

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