Happiness Through Travelling #5: Esthers Travel Guide

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My name ist Esther, I’m 21 years old and since July 2016 I am blogging about my travels. My blog’s name is „Esthers Travel Guide“. Since I was a child my dream was to the see the whole world. Now I have seen more than 50 countries and I still can’t stop.

If there is one thing the human kind is looking for it is the pursuit of happiness. We try to find it in our job, our partnership, our everyday life. But to be happy it takes more than just thinking about it. Sometimes you have to do something in order to become happy.

For many of us, and why would we blog about our travels if it wouldn’t, traveling equals happiness. But why? What is it, that keeps calling people to new and unknown places?

To figure out what truely makes you happy, it might take a while. In my case, my studies of the Middle East and North Africa at my university changed my perpective. I realised how much I love traveling and how much I would like to spend my time in different countries.

To experience a new country, a new language a new culture: There is nothing I love more in this world. My best experience were my two internships in Iran and Jordan 2015 and 2016. I improved my language skills and my understanding of their cultures.

This year I am going to visit some classic destinations like Italy, Spain and Belgium. But there are also more exotic places on this year’s list, like Ethiopia, Singapur and Israel. To think about packing my suitcase and to drive to the airport makes me very happy. Important is not, what other people think about your passion, your experience, your pictures.

Only what you think about them matters. Be brave and find your own way, make your own experiences! That is the only way to find pure and true happiness.

To figure out what kind of traveler you are, you just need to start to travel. Being on your adventure, you will learn a lot about yourself. That might also change your perspective and your life.

I am so happy to start the new year 2017 now! New experiences, new travels, new stories, new blog posts! May your year be happy and successful!

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  1. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht, an Deiner Blogparade teilzunehmen :)
    Und jetzt ist es schön, das Ergebnis zu sehen!
    Liebe Grüße

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