Happiness Through Travelling #4: Join my Escape

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My Braveness brought me Happiness

I was really happy to join the guest bloggers project and to publish an entry on this blog. “Happiness Through Travelling” fits my way of thinking and life perfectly. Exactly three months ago, after I sold all of my belongings, I got in my car and drove off to Ireland. Since then I’m walking the Irish streets together with my dog Samir. How long I’m going to stay? That’s a thing I’m gonna decide spontaneously and completely without plans.

I didn’t search for happiness. I was looking for my freedom and happiness and luck helped me with it. Luck is as essential a part of my life as bad luck. Yes, this also exist even if many people don’t like to think about it. So I’ve never been alone on my travels. My home is the world, e.g. I don’t have a place I call home because I’ve never found it. I’ve been looking for a place I can call home for a long time now. But being in the car on the road all the time, driving long distances, I realised that I’ll never find just that one place that I call home.

It is really worth it to listen to your heart now and then and to follow this path. I did exactly that and trusted in the assumption that it’s only me who has to be happy in the end. Of course I also knew about luck that I only found because I was being brave.
You can live so damn many and new experiences that you would’ve never discovered without travelling!

I wouldn’t have taken so many decisions if I would’ve stayed in Germany, in my flat, in my normal everyday life. I had a lot of exciting and thrilling experiences that keep showing me that you can be at home everywhere in this world. And my luck didn’t leave me either here, it keeps coming back to me constantly. Who says I have to feel home in Germany? This year it’s Ireland and next year it’s gonna be another country! But why does this make me so happy?

No day is the same
My everyday life is no routine because I don’t have that here. There’s so many fun things to do, so many situations open up before me, while I’m being at an unknown place. I go to Pubs in the evening and listen to live music, another day I’m taking Salsa lessons and another day I’m lying in the jacuzzi and listen to stories told by complete strangers. How is this possible? I just live and don’t waste my time thinking that I might have to get up early the next day. Because I would miss four amazing evenings every week!

You get to know people like you
Where can you find people in this world that think alike? Right, on your travels. When you travel a lot or when you just go on a long trip. You’ll meet people like you that have the same or similar dreams that you have. There’s nothing better than escaping to the beach in the night, sitting in the sand and thinking about plans for the future, right?

Your standards change
I’ve always been a person that you can just leave in the forest with a tent and say: “Go ahead, do it!” My standards considering my lifestyle have never been really high. However this is different when you’re planning on staying more than a week somewhere. I already experienced all kinds of places to sleep within two months here. Starting with a car that I myself reconstructed, over a fancy hotel room with everything you’d wish for, to a shabby room without any sanitaries or windows. I never could’ve imagined that before. I still live and try to make the best of every situation. This is why it’s definitely never getting boring. I never would have experienced something like that in my flat at home.

In which way ever you might twist and turn it. Itis so worth it to just start something and to trust in yourself. I stopped listening to other’s people’s advice pretty quickly. I’m not someone who’s running against walls all the time but I am openminded. Open for new things, new people and completely crazy ideas. Who can know what makes you happy more than yourself? The question I am always asking myself is: how bad can it (realistically) possibly get?


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