Happiness Through Travelling #3: Baking Avenue

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Hello my Dears,

when Jessy looked for people for a blogger project about traveling I just had to send her a message to support her with that. I’m really happy to be here on A Trail of Glitter today and to be the next one up among the guest bloggers. :)

But first some short facts about me and my blog. My name is Diandra and I’m 25 years old. Since 2013 I write on my blog Baking Avenue about food. Mainly about baking. :) Since 2016 I included my second passion travelling into the blog. Because I was on the road a lot this year I found the time suitable for this step. If you like to know more about me and my blog I’d be happy if you visit me. 😉

Happiness through travelling

I’d really liked the topic of the project because everyone experiences happiness through travelling different and I’m already very excited what this happiness means for the other bloggers.

For me it depends mainly on my destination. Every country typifies a different sort of happiness for me.
This year I really was in some different party of the world and I was surprised how various happiness is in each country.

Ireland – The green isle

Whoevery of you was in Ireland before knows the magic which surrounds this country. For me the biggest happiness about Ireland is, that it always feels like coming home. To a certain extent Ireland is my second home. We have many friends there and my Mum was born there. But not only this special bond I have to this country makes it to something magical for me. You have so much stuff to explore there and the people are so friendly, helpful and hospitable! The quiet which overcomes you in some places in Ireland makes me happy everytime. It’s just a very special country and I just can recommend to put it on your travel list. And if you don’t be careful you’ll maybe lose your heart here, just like me. 😉

Chicago – The windy city

Last May it was the first time for me that I left Europe. My destination was USA. Chicago, to be exact. And I have to say – my amazement found no end. It was a really new way for me to spend my vacation. It was the first time every for me to be in such a big city with such huge buildings! Really, those skyscrapers. So impressive! Chicago has so much great spots to offer and there is something for everyone. Even though Chicago is a large city, well in fact a metropolis, I never had the feeling to be stressed. But the best sport for me was the Lake Michigan. With sunshine on your skin sitting at the shore, blooming trees and the noise of the city behind you. A very new form of happiness for me, but still amazing and exciting.
Of course you have some really weird guys walking around here, but the other most friendly and open-minded people compensate for that. :)

Noosa – Welcome at the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast in Australia is just amazing! There’s just no other way to say it. You have to know that I’m actually a Winter child and absolutely no Summer girl. I don’t like it when it’s so broiling. But in Australia it somehow was different. I really enjoyed it to lay on the beach, feel the warm sun on my skin and to swim in the ocean every now and then. The atmosphere is just completely different there. The waves are nicer, the sand is finer and the air is so genial. I sat on the beach and just smiled. Again a new form of happiness through travelling for me. But the many wild animals you can see in Australia are so impressive as well. For example a wild python. This was so cool!

New Zealand – Or as well Middle Earth

My last destination was New Zealand. I spent there two months in a campervan. This amazing feeling of freedom you get with this sort of travelling is indescribable. And this country…you have so many stunning landscapes there. From wild coasts over the peaceful Shire right up to the striking New Zealand Alps. One of the biggest feelings of happiness was for me to visit so many movie locations of ‚Lord of the Rings’. I’m a huge fan of those movies and to be able to visit so many of the locations, most of them for free, was really a little dream come true. So if you are as well a fan of those movies or just appreciate unique landscapes than you definitely have to go there!

I hope I could show you my personal happiness through traveling and maype inspire you with my last destinations!


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