Happiness Through Travelling #2: Gin des Lebens

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Why travelling makes us happy

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Our strong urge of travelling, of seeking new adventures does not mean that we do not feel comfortable at home. It is more the desire, to broaden one’s horizons. To open your eyes for the beautiful things in life. Happiness while travelling for us is collecting moments together.

Travelling helps us to find ourselves

Traveling is one way to find ourselves. We discovered Ibiza’s romantic side, have lost our hearts in Amsterdam and went to the end of the world, the North Pole. We love diving and together we want to see the world. Travelling does not always make you happy. Sometimes it makes you thinking about yourself and the world we live in. We like pushing ourselves to the limits, as for example during a ten hour expedition on a snow mobile to Spitsbergen’s east coast.

We open our eyes for the beauty in life
Sometimes it’s the little things and we have to open our eyes for them. The beauty of nature, for instance.

Tiny animal, but large effects. Those snails are one of the reasons why Raúl Catsro sets the area around the Las Guanas Trail under protection.
Have you ever travelled to Iceland? If so, you would know what we mean when we talk about the variety and beauty of nature.

Travelling helps us to live more consciously
Forget all the daily hustle and bustle. Skip your routines and slow down. The only thing which is important is you. Live, lough and dream together. Start your day with a smile. Enjoy the moment. Think about it: when was the last time you looked at the beauty of a sunset?

Together is our favourite place to be
In our everyday life we often don’t find time for each other. While travelling we can escape daily routine and enjoy precious moments together. Precious moments like seeing the northern lights together. I am sure, many people heard about them, or even saw them on photos. Seeing such a unique natural phenomenon with your own eyes and sharing this moment with your sweetheart is marvellous.

Travelling broadens your horizons and will change the way you see things
There are many places in the world, threatened by humans, but also some places where we still find intact nature and where people of different cultures live together in peace. Seeing the world and those contrasts broadens your horizons and will change the way you see things.

You get to know people from different countries, with varying cultural and social backgrounds. One guy is still in our mind. We met him on Lombok. It seems like we come from different worlds, maybe different planets. However, we spend an unforgettable day together. The fascinating thing about him: even if he is poorer in material possessions, he is much richer, because he is thankful and happy.
The happiest people do not have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have.

Travelling for us is the longing for life, a way to find ourselves and to feel alive.

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