Happiness Through Travelling #1: My Story

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I won’t lie. At the moment I’m going through a pretty ruogh time that’s really taking all my energy. I’m having difficulties to see things the positive way and to appreciate the beautiful moments. I am living from one day to another just to feverishly reach that one point that’s probably gonna turn out completely differently than I expect it to anyway. Or what I hope it will be. And that’s okay. As long as this is a temporary state. Sometimes you have to be sad and to let things go their way. Give them time. How I hate that expression. But it’s true. You can switch feelings on and off or change them from one day to another, sometimes not even over weeks. It is just important not to let this control your attitude towards life or even your feelings in life. What’s helping me to restore my energy and to start new?



Travelling makes me happy.


This is why I asked some other bloggers how they got and get happy through traveling. I decided to make a complete series out of it with the wonderful title “Happiness through travelling“. We want to open our eyes as well as yours and tell you about our stories and paths on how we reached happiness and contentness through travelling. Detours, moutainous ways and open fields included. The following bloggers are going to tell you their stories during the next weeks:

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Ines from Gin des Lebens

Lia from Join my Escape

Esther from In 80 Tagen um die Welt

Alice from Travel&Train

This means that during this series you’ll have a new guest entry every Tuesday on this blog. However, now and then I’m still gonna drop some extra blog posts written by me, so follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned. I’m gonna start with the first entry on this series and tell you from past, present and future travels and what I’ve learned through them.


Home is where the heart is: Paris.

After I finished school I had absolutely no clue what to do. Shortly before I held my graduation papers in my hands, I also realised that it might be slowly time to apply for things to do after school. It was a sunny afternoon when I got aware of this fact and what did I google? “Internship Paris“. And voilà, within five minutes I decided to apply for a year-long internship in a kindergarden in a city I have never ever been to. Just because I felt like it. I actually did get the internship and collected a whole lot more life experience than I could ever have by studying for ten years. I had to cope with a foreign language, I had working hours that couldn’t have been more different to my schedule in school and I had to become independent from one instant to another. I loved it.

Although I really hated it the first three months. Paris was too superficial, too expensive and too unorganised. Until I returned from a few weeks of Christmas Holidays in Germany and suddenly saw all the possibilites and options this city offered, through different eyes. I did as much as I could and took my life in my own hands, gave the city a chance to let it into my heart. And it really got into my heart. Even today I still feel so much at home in Paris like I rarely do somewhere else. And this was one of the most amazing times in my life. In this city I learned to keep my eyes and heart open in order to find happiness.

My biggest adventure so far: Mexico.

I wanted to go to Mexico for quite some time, even if my friends and family continuously shared their worries with me. I already told you in another blog entry about safety in Mexico that media don’t necessarily paint an objective picture about this country. Still I was quite nervous before my big trip started. Sure, by then I’ve already lived abroad a couple of times but never on a different continent. And never in a country which is so big and versatile. And for me this is exactly the magic of Mexico. There are so many things to see and to experience here, things that I didn’t even dare to dream about before. My job in the theatre doesn’t only allow me to get to know incredibly interesting people but also lets me travel around a lot. I’ve already been to the Riviera Maya, Puebla, Oaxaca and some places surrounding Xalapa and Veracruz. When you’re reading this entry I am already in Mexico City and will continue my way to Cuba in January. I must admit that I did have different plans that I was really looking forward to but got cancelled. But that’s okay. Because exactly these are the moments in which it’s super important to see new things and just to be concious about all the great things that there are on this world and in this life. And that somehow everything always keeps going on. Just like travelling.

Back to the roots: Berlin.

After Mexico I’m definitely going back to Berlin again to finish my studies. So, one way or another, I’m gonna stay for at least five months in the city I’ve been born and raised, the city that always fills with a hate-love. But this time is going to be different. Cause after I’ve been travelling so much in the last couple of years, I realised that one thing is missing: a place I call home. And slowly I even start to realise that this has not even anything to do with a place but with the people. Most of all my family but of course my friends as well. I learned to appreciate how wonderful my family is and of course, not everything is always sparkling pink and sunshine but then again, which family is? I learned that it makes me really happy to have people around me that always stand by my side and are ready to help. Always. Without any exceptions. And this is exactly the feeling I need. So at this point a huge Thank You to all the wonderful people in my life, that went hrough so much with me and always keep loving me, athough I somehow always keep running away. My home, this is you.


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