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Yup, I already hear you say, “Oh no, not yet another vegan food blogger!” Don’t worry, that’s not gonna happen, I’m not gonna change into somenone telling you how amazing it is to be vegan and share food pictures everyday. BUT … As I love food (which you can tell by my amount of coffee places I already recommended on this blog) and as I think food is also part of discovering a culture, I think a post about a vegan market is legitimate. ‘Cause I guess we all agree on the fact that Berlin is one of the vegansim capitals, right? Plus, the Green Market Berlin was not only about food but called itself a vegan lifestyle market. So, let’s have a look there!



Okay, let’s start with the food beause it was so delicious. There were so many foodstalls that we first made a little round there to see if maybe we’d miss something when deciding for a dish. We ended up trying five or six different dishes that we always shared the three of us. The biggest dish we had was by far an Indian-ish Dosa, which was a chickpea pancake filled with spiced potatoes and a coconut cream. Before we left, my friend couldn’t resist on the Pakoras (fried vegetables with a batter around them) either. We also had a Tarte Flambée with vegan sour cream, oninos and smoked Tofu and the last thing we tried was a freshly grilled BBQ burger pattie with some salad and bread. Not to forget the huge amounts of cake we (well, especially I) had. Raspberry-Apricot-Tarte, Rhubarb-Meringue-Muffin, Matcha-Lime-Chashew-Cake and of course my first ever CakePop with Raspberry-Vanilla-Flavour. I think I don’t have to mention that we rolled home. Full but happy.

The place itself was the Alte Kindl Brauerei in Neukölln. Neukölln normally is not really my hood because it’s too messy and unstructured for my taste. I know a lot of people who love the atmosphere in that area, but, well, I’m not one of them. Still, the chosen place was pretty cool as it had a huge outdoor area to walk around and enjoy the sun while munching on some tasty treats and listening to fancy techno tunes. There was also an inside area where the lifestyle part of the market was located and this was inside an old industrial hall with hardly any light or paint on the walls but therefore with a lot of light chains, flowers and decoration which is why it looked super fucked up and super cute at the same time. Oh, Berlin.

The lifestyle part was a mix of a lot of different things. First of all, there was some space with a couple of benches for the audience who listened to talks and discussions about veganism, nutrition and environment. Then there was a little stage where some live music was played now and then. You could also grab a drink or a coffee, get a cake pop and then you’d be ready to wander through the exposition of stencil art (if that’s the correct name), through clothing racks with young start up labels, decoration items, notebooks, cosmetics, bags and you even stumbled upon a sex shop stall. It was called “Other Nature” and declared itself as an alternative sex shop open to all genders. Oh, Berlin.

All that is really only possible here. You can be whoever you want, look like you want, dress like you want and do what you want, people are still gonna accept you the way you are. There’s just one rule: be openminded yourself. I really enjoyed the Green Market and I must say that it really raised Neukölln’s image in my mind to a better position. Still not my favourite place to be but I’ll give it some more tries to win my heart.

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  1. Danke für diesen coolen Neukölln Tipp – das werd ich im Auge halten

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