Doing Sports on Holidays

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Being on holidays is great! Discovering new places, people and things, tasting new food and drinks and maybe even getting to know a new culture is exciting. However, being away from home might interrupt your usual workout routine and while doing all these cool new things you might still want to stay in shape. As my goal is to integrate sports in my life at least three times a week, I am facing exactly that problem, which is why I present you a few tips to keep doing sports while you’re on holidays and maybe already get to discover new places and meet locals!

1. Go running

To go running you need nothing more than some sports clothes and a pair of running shoes. No gym fees, no weights, no anything. Maybe some music to make it more fun. Running in a new environment can be even fun for people who normally don’t like that kind of sports because you’re discovering a new city by foot. You can go to a nearby parc, run next to a river or just take a city route. The good thing about it is that there’s so much to see and discover that it’ll never get boring, that’s for sure!

2. Free test trainings

Most of the gyms worldwide offer test trainings to get to know the studio. Some just once, some maybe twice and if you’re lucky there might even be a local offer for a whole month of testing the gym for free. In case there’s no free test training in your area, maybe ask for a day ticket. Some gyms offer these for 9-10€, which isn’t exactly cheap but still an option to choose once or twice. If you’d like to stick to your standard workout using weights and machines, this is the perfect solution for you!

3. Gym chains

I personally only know about McFit, which is a European-wide fitness chain. They have more than 150 locations in Germany 31 in Spain for example. The studios are very clean, they have good machines, virtual classes and they are nicely decorated. The only disadvantage is that contracts start from 12 months of membership on, so if you know that you’ll stay in Europe for the next 12 months, this would be an option to keep up your workout while travelling through different countries. Another alternative would be a Nike Store where they offer free workouts and trainings, so-called NTCs, Nike Training Clubs. At least I know about stores in Berlin and Madrid that offer these trainings.

4. Local sports events

The Internet today is accessible from almost anywhere in the world and even if you don’t have any mobile data, there might be a bar or a coffee place with internet close by. If so, it is often really easy to find sports groups or events you can join, maybe on facebook or on blogs or you’ll find some by just using Google. There are running clubs, weekly soccer meetings or maybe a rollerskating or ice skating event once a month, and everything for free. So take your time to browse the web before you arrive at your destination, you may discover cool new activities and meet new people.

5. Pay per training

There are a lot of sports clubs and groups where you can pay just for the class you have taken (at least that’s the case here in Mexico). So you can just attend classes whenever you feel like it without paying a monthly fee. I did this especially in dance lessons, like for example Zumba oder Modern Dance. But I’ve also seen other offers for Yoga, Acroyoga, Gymnastics or Air Acrobatics. Just go have a look at your nearby sports studio and ask them what possibilities they offer.

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  1. The NTC is a very good tip!!
    I would also suggest to check out facebook for runners groups or something like that!

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