DIY Creating Travel Memories

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I am a big fan of small, personal souvenirs. Sure, the best memories are still in your head and cannot be bought or touched. But as I am someone who struggles with remembering things, I really love having little things to remind me of my memories and then let my head do the rest to bring back all the pictures, smells and sounds to me. This is why I present to you now an easy DIY of how you can keep your little reminders in your home and also make them look beautiful on a shelf! I decided on collecting sand from all the beaches I have ever been to (or better: from all the beaches I have great memories of). I filled my first bottle with sand when I was 14 and had gone on a class trip to the Baltic Sea. That sand doesn’t only remind me of the sea and the seagulls but also of getting to know my best friend at that time and almost arriving late at the meeting point to go home because I still wanted to get that sand. Great stories, great people. However, I’m not gonna tell you all of my stories right now but I’m gonna show you how I created my personal beach memory lane on a shelf!




This is what I used:

– little spice jars (mine were from IKEA and are called “RAJTAN”)
– white and colourful thick paper
– a black, a blue and a green pen
– some white paint and a brush
– adhesive strips and a glue stick










This is what I did:
To be honest, I didn’t do anything super complicated. Basically, I just covered the silver caps of the little jars in three layers of white paint. It’s up to you which colour you’d like to use and how many layers you’d like to apply. Or maybe you even want to glue some ribbon on the sides or cover everything in plastic leaves. I actually thought about doing that as well but decided that I was too lazy to go somewhere to buy all that extra stuff so I just used what I had at home. While letting your paint layers dry you can work on the little pieces of paper. In the picture below you can see how big I cut them. Then I just measured about 1mm from the white paper’s borders to draw a line with a colourful pen and filled out the border. All you gotta do now is writing the name of the place on top of the white paper, glueing it on the colourful piece of paper and then glueing all of it on the cap of the sand filled jar. I used adhesive strips because here again I was too lazy to leave the house and buy some liquid glue but it turned out to work pretty well!

And this is already all I did. Written down it doesn’t seem like a lot of work but to be honest, it took me a couple of hours to make it. But this is only because I’m pretty perfectionist and every time a letter didn’t look as perfect as I wanted it to, I remade the whole paper thingy. So normally it shouldn’t take that long to do it. I still hope you enjoyed my simple but pretty DIY and that you’ll use your own creativity to experiment a bit with what you could add to create your own, personal travel reminders! If you remake anything don’t forget to post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #atrailofglitterDIY, so I can have a look at your creations! I’m curious.


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  1. Anne Schieweck

    Eine schöne Idee. Solltest du aber Erinnerungen von Orten sammeln wollen, die nicht unbedingt am Strand liegen, kann man sicher auch besonders schöne Steine oder getrocknete und gepresste Blätter von exotischen Pflanzen in solche Gläschen tun.
    Viel Spaß beim sammeln und in Szene setzen☺

  2. This is truly a source of inspiration! I really like the idea to collect sand – until today I collected fridge magnets but those never really reminded me of my memories. Keep going! Greetings from Hawaii

    • Jess M.

      Hello Tulula, thanks for the comment, I am really glad you like it! :) It’s great that I actually inspired someone with it! 😀 Greetings back from Berlin!

  3. Jorge: This is a kind of generic illustration style for modern kid books, though this artist has original ideas to convey.And Highlights? I never heard of it and had too google it. What do you think of that magazine? Ben, Pappy, Fried: I used to know a couple whose toddler drowned in a creek that was only a few inches deep.

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