Discovering Baja California Sur – Los Cabos

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Baja California Sur was one of the places I really wanted to see in Mexico. Everyone told me how beautiful it was and I must say – they were right. It is beautiful! However, while travelling to various places in this state, I noticed some huge differences in the cities. While Los Cabos is almost as touristic as Cancún, there is still a peaceful tranquility in La Paz, a little further up north the state. If you want to discover Baja California Sur yourself, then this entry gives you some tips for Los Cabos. I guess the pueblito of Todos Santos, which is between San Lucas and La Paz, is pretty beautiful as well, but unfortunately one week wasn’t enough to go there as well. However it was highly recommended to me, so if you have the option, definitely go there. And if you have already been there, feel free to leave a comment or a link to your own blog article, video or whatever you’d like to share, down below this article! But for now, here goes part I of my guide to discover Baja California Sur!

Los Cabos

Los Cabos (talking about San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas) is, like I already mentioned, extremely touristic. The beach is packed with huge and impressive all-inclusive hotels, the streets of the historic centre is filled with Canadians and US-Americans. Hardly any Mexican people live here and if they do, they work in the tourism branch. Los Cabos is a place that’s all about the money. However, there sure is a reason for this amount of tourism. There’s a lot of activites you can enjoy both in San José and in San Lucas and both of these cities have beautiful beaches with white sand and a clear blue ocean. Plus, in San Lucas is the one thing I was dying to see: Los Arcos, a natural stone arch formation in the water. So in the end, it is definitely worth visiting Los Cabos, but do not expect to get to know Mexican culture here. However, here are some things I really did enjoy in Los Cabos.

Art District

Yup, the Art District, located in the centre of San José, is full of non-Spanish speaking people and the people that do speak Spanish try to sell you something. However if you make it clear from the beginning that you just want to look at the (really beautiful!) art and don’t pretend to buy something, they normally let go of you. I highly recommend you the interactive gallery of Ivan Guaderrama. He makes art that you can touch, hear and see. For example a piano painted on a canvas that can really play music when you touch the keys. The most fascinating piece for me was one, where two people have to touch a different point on a painted canvas and when they touch each other, they can play music on each others hands. This was incredible!

Horseback riding

Yeah, I know, everything that’s related to animal activities is a sensible topic. When it comes to horseback riding, I guess everyone has to decide for themselves if they want to support it or not. In my case, I thought that the animals were really well treated at the place where I did it, so I personally was okay with it. It has always been my dream to ride a horse on the beach and it was definitely worth it. Such a great experience! Except that I did have to get to know the horse a little until we became a team. But in the end it worked well and we had a great time together.

  • Where?
    La Bonanza Horseback Riding
    Facebook Page
    Blvd. Antonio Mijares No. S/N Zona Hotelera, San José del Cabo (Frente hotel Holiday Inn)
    23400 San José del Cabo 
  • What does it cost? Normally you pay 49USD for an hour but if you are lucky and if you are skilled in bargaining in Spanisch then you might get the price of $500 (ca. 25€).

Whale Watching

From October to March you can spot whales near the coastline of the Mexican Pacific. I did a tour which was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life. We’ve seen whales that swam super near our catamaran and the guide on board told us interesting facts about the animals. A great breakfast buffet and free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks were included and if you’re lucky, they give you the local price of $540 (ca. 27€) instead of almsot $1,400 (ca. 70€)! Speaking Spanish helps a lot here. Plus, we got to see the one thing that I came for to Baja California Sur: Los Arcos. An impressive stone formation in the ocean. What a beautiful sight!

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