Breath-taking Places in Granada

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I am always looking for more than just sights in a city. I don’t want to run from building to building, take pictures and then do it all over again. I really enjoy just walking through streets, gardens or paths and just let the atmosphere take me away. And this is exactly what happened on the following three places I’m gonna present you!

Alcaicería and Calle Elvira

The alleys of Alcaiceria – What an amazing place! Are we even in Europe still?! ‘Cause everywhere you look, you’ll see tea glasses with ornaments, colourful lamps and Arabic pastry. You smell exotic spices and fresh mint tea and you see people trying to make their way through the narrow alleys. It really feels like enetering a whole different world and I sure couldn’t go home without buying some of the handmade products they offer there. At some point I really got obsessed with Arabic art in Granada. As all the shops offer pretty much the same things, you shouldn’t really wait until you see a better offer because the prices won’t differ much. Ask for the price in a couple of shops and then you’ll know what the average is and go ask for exactly this price in the next shop.
Another street which is similar to the Alcaicería is Calle Elvira, in which you can even find great Moroccan and Arabic restaurants and you see people getting henna tattoos on the street.

Carmen de los Mártirez

Since our visit to Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta I know that “Carmen” means garden, so we thought it would be nice to enjoy the great weather we had on our last time in the green environment of Carmen de los Mártirez. And what more can I say than that it really IS incredibly beautiful! It seemed to be the picture-place number one as there were families and friends doing real photo shoot sessions. It was great to wander around green palm trees, (again) Arabic architecture, the small water basin and to see beautiful peacocks walking around and fat cats lazing in the sun, living their lazy cat life. How time flies when you are in such a relaxed atmosphere! Definitely a really recommendable place to see.


Granada is surrounded by hills so no matter what you’d like to see there, you will stumble upon a Mirador one way or the other. A Mirador is some kind of a platform where you have a good view on the city. Of course if you walk uphill you can look down on the city all the time but the Miradores are supposed to be the best point for a view. The first Mirador we got to was Mirador San Nicolas, I guess this is the most famous one. And yes, I must say the view is quite impressive, you see all of the Alhambra and get the impression that the people living in Granada are little ants. However, the higher we got up the mountain, the lesser we could believe our eyes as it got more and more beautiful with every step we took. We found Mirador San Miguel El Alto by coincidence. We initially just wanted to go to Muralla Nazarí and tried to walk as high up to it as we could. When we finally arrived there we spotted this Mirador directly next to the wall (well, integrated in the wall more or less but next to the spot of Muralla Nazarí where we took the pictures). And that view was just stunning. We were as high up as we could be, looking down to a beautiful city, taking in the Alhambra from far away. And by the way thanks to the Austrian guitar player next to us who completed that magic moment with some nice tunes!

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