Best Flea Markets in Porto

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I travelled to Porto with an already overfull handbag and didn’t have a lot of space anymore to buy stuff. Little things, yes. A key chain, a necklace, maybe a little notebook but no shoes. And what did I buy? Yup, shoes. Nevermind, I’ll worry about it later how I’m gonna fit them in my luggage. Right now I’d like to present you the beautiful places I was looking around to find my new little treasures in the end.

Mercadinho dos Clérigos

I stumbled upon this little flea market on my way to Moustache and couldn’t resist, so I str
olled around the street near the Clérigo tower and had a look at what they offered. It was a mix of antique stuff and handmade crafts and in between I discovered a little food stall. As this was the first time I had food in Porto, I had to try something typically Portuguese, so I went for a Pastéis de Bacalhau, a fried potato-fish mixture. Next to the Pastéis was a huge chocolate cake covered in chocolate again with strwaberries on top – who would’ve said no to that? Both was delicious! When I walked back the street to the direction I wanted to go initially, I stopped at a stall with handmade crafts and bought a little analogue film thingy, which has been transformed into a magnet with a hand-drawn picture on it. I love it, it’s so beautiful. See that Banksy drawing in the picture with the little girl following her heart? Yup, that’s mine now. By the way, the owner of this stall is also the owner of Oporto Craft Market and she’s offering these magnets there, too. The flea market however is great to buy a little something that reminds you of your time in Porto.

  • When? The second and last saturday of every month 10AM – 8PM
  • Where? Rua de Cândido dos Reis, near Clérigo Tower


Feira da Pulga

Not only was I lucky that I was just right then in Porto when this monthly second hand flea market was set, but I was also lucky that it was just around the corner of where I was staying! At the parking of Campo 24 de Agosto, there were cars that unloaded their clothes, shoes, games, CDs and all the random stuff people have to blankets, tables and clothes rails. And this is where I spotted my new shoes. I
purchased them for 5€ and got another blouse for 3€. Deal of the day. For hungry and thirsty people, there was food and coffee provided in little trucks and a DJ was playing some fancy tunes, so that you could’ve just stopped by to enjoy the nice atmosphere. Or you buy things that don’t fit into your luggage anymore, like me!

  • When? Once a month, check their Facebook events
  • Where? Various places, check out the Facebook page here as well




Vandoma Flea Market

Sadly I arrived too late on Saturday so that I just missed Vandoma Flea Market. However, I still wanted to include it in my little list as it was recommended by a lot of bloggers and webpages. It is said that it’s a second hand and vintage market that started out in the 70’s by some students. You’ll find everything here, books, clothes, furniture, decoration, and so on. It is located in Fontainhas, near Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto), so I could at least take a picture of this sight even though I missed the flea market. Make sure you plan your trip better than me!

  • When? Saturdays 8AM – 1PM
  • Where? Fontainhas (Sé do Porto)
  • EDIT: Apparently the place has changed, it was announced by ads in the street like you see in the picture. It’s supposed to be in Avenida 25 de Abril now.

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