Are you ready to travel?

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How easy would it be just to wake up in the morning, decide to go somewhere and buy a ticket right away. To save yourself all the stress and the energy to look for a place to sleep, to inform friends and people in your work about you being absent for a while, to plan a travel budget and maybe even to save up for such. It is said that there really are people that travel like that. People that take it as easily and uncomplicatedly as it sounds right now. But even though I am a great admirer of this kind of people, for most people out there travelling is most of the time connected to a lot of organisation and stress. But why is that so?

I have to admit that I did actually change in the way that I am travelling, most of the changes due to my time in Mexico. While before I was working myself through tons of travel blogs and platforms before going on a city trip, just to make sure not to miss the tiniest thing that could’ve interested me, I am more realxed now. I do try to catch some hints and recommendations before but I stopped pressuring myself with overfully packed programme plans. A Mantra that has followed me on my latest travels is: Enjoy the things that you did see and experience instead of regretting thoses that you haven’t seen or experienced. May not the most revolutionary and innovative thing to keep in mind. But when I actually put it into practice, it indeed felt like it. And what should I say? Travelling gets a whole lot easier.

It is not hard to guess that today’s article is about finding out when you are actually ready to travel. When you got your vacation time approved? When you completed all the day to day houshould chores? When you have packed? If we leave all those unimportant organisational question to each and every one’s personal decision, then we can change our view to more significant topics: the inner being ready. When do you feel ready? And this is where it gets exciting. It’s about feelings. I personally always see it in a two-folded way: from the point of my current life situation and from my desires.

There are situations in life where I (and I am a billion percent sure that you did too) only wished to be gone. Be gone from this place, escaping from the people here, from my life in this place where it is right now. Because everything was just too much for me, I was under stress and had responsabilities and everything was just growing over my head. Unfortunately I had to learn in the past that running away is not always the solution. Sometimes, however, it is. I love thinking about a super spontaneous short term vacation to the Baltic Sea with two really good friends. Planning the trip in the chat went something like this:

Friend 1: I am stressed. I need a wellness holiday. Who’s in?
Me: Me!
Friend 2: We could go to Rostock this weekend and enjoy some massages!


And this is how we decided to go there. I had to give a presentation a couple of days afterwards, so I initially decided to take some time off for learning during the trip. Yeah, right. My brain didn’t quite agree with me on that plan and forced me to relax on the beach instead of getting my head into uni stuff. And seriously, this was the best thing I could have done. I was lacking the distance to my uni work. I was so obsessed to get everthing ready that I didn’t make the least bit of progress and the closer I got to the dead line, the more nervous I got. Massaged and deeply relaxed I prepared my presentation within a single day as soon as I returned to Berlin. And got a very good grade!

The second aspect of a travel is importnat to me too: the desire. There are moments when you feel ready for a place and then there are moments when you’re not. Mexico for example has been calling me for the last two years over the Atlantic Ocean. I seriously don’t know why but from the beginning on this country had soemthing so fascinating that I knew instantly it’s gonna blow me away and it’s not gonna disappoint me. I was right, which is why now I trust my intuition more than ever. However I have to admit that I have never given Madrid a real chance. Mexico has been deep inside of the back of my head long before and was calling a lot louder than Madrid did. But it’s the same with human relationships – my heart has already decided in that moment. Madrid and me, we could’ve maybe had a really nice relationship with each other. At another time, because dear Madrid, I was never ready for you. It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

The same fascination that I felt (and am still feeling) for Mexico, is now coming from Columbia. It is this feeling that everything feels so incredibly right when I’m making plans fpr my upcoming travel. This is the reason why I think that travelling should be decided on by considering the inner factors a lot more than the outer ones. You have to decide for yourself how many travel blogs you wanna read in advance, if you first wanna learn to be fluid in the language or if you have to book your accomodation in advance to feel safe. But all these things shouldn’t distract you from your intuition. If you feel that this is exactly the moment to travel to exactly this place, then do it. And yes, this is definitely something you can decide on in the morning right after you got up.

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