Hey there, it’s great to have you here!

I hope you enjoy your little trip around my blog.
In case you ask yourself who I am, what I do and what it all has to do with my obsession of glitter – well, here you go!

effect tile 1_effected

My name is Jess. But only in English because people started calling me like that automatically and in German I normally refer to me as Jessy. But feel free to choose whatever name you like better!

My hometown is Berlin. Berlin and me, we have kind of a difficult love-hate-relationship. Which is actually why I started to travel and escape that city made of contrasts between great and awful, peaceful and loud, green and grey. Or rainbow couloured.

buntes Berlin_effected

I am a student. I study Theatre Science and Communication since 2013 and I love every second of it. Even though I complain a lot about it.

I wouldn’t say I am super experienced with travelling. I guess I just discovered the amazing effects of it not too long ago. But I’m sure about to live great adventures far away pretty soon … On this blog I want to share this adventure and my experiences with learning to travel with you!

travel“A Trail of Glitter” is a result of my friends and family noticing that everywhere I go, I always leave some glitter behind. That may be because of my part-time job as a children’s animator as we work with glitter a lot. Or it is because I love to put some glitter on when I’m going out or when there’s a festival. Either way, I accepted this fact and made a blog name out of it!


I love to get in touch with people. And yes, people, that also means you! So if you have anything to say or ask or to let me know, just – well, just let me know then. You can easily fill out the Contact form and write down anything that comes to your mind. Write a comment, a text, a poem, a book, just whatever. I’d love to hear from you.

So, that was basically it. Have fun continuing to explore this blog. Stay curious for different places, people, thoughts, opinions, experiences … Just say curious for differences in general!

xx Jess(y)