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As you may have noticed on my Instagram or Facebook account, a few bloggers and me start a A Photo a Day Challenge a week ago using the hashtag #7daysaphotoaday. It was an open challenge, so everyone who would have wanted to join us, was free to do so. After one week of posting a picture a day, here goes my conclusion of the challenge now.

Who were the other participants?

Alissa from Ella & Flora / Instagram @ellafloraworld
Topics: Movie, Theatre, Lifestyle, Vegan, Art, Travel, …

Anja from Sincerely Anja / Instagram @sincerelyanja
Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty

Barbara from Barbaras Paradies / Instagram @barbarasparadies
Topics: Books, Movies

Jessica from Freakin Minds / Instagram @freakinminds_
Topics: Various topics, for example Blogging, Studying and Lifestyle

Katja from Schminktussis Welt / Instagram @schminktussiswelt
Topics: Beauty, Fashion

Silvia from Berliner Ecken / Instagram @berlin.and.the.world
Topics: Berlin blog featuring People, Stories and Places

Make sure to check all of their accounts and blogs out!

Why was this challenge a great idea?

  • We got the chance to discover a whole lot of different and new accounts and therefore get new inspiration on Instagram.
  • Our interpretation of the different categories was completely free, so it was really great to see what everyone made out of it.
  • It got me more involved in Instagram and gave me the motivation to really participate in the social network.
  • It fuelled my own creativity as there were so many ways to capture a moment that reflects the category.
  • Our networks grew and therefore we all got the possibility to exchange ideas and tips to improve our accounts and blogs.

My posts and my favourite submitted posts

Monday: Happiness

A Trail of Glitter

Berliner Ecken

Tuesday: City

A Trail of Glitter

Schminktussis Welt

Wednesday: What’s in my bag

A Trail of Glitter

Sincerely Anja

Thursday: Weather

A Trail of Glitter

Freakin Minds

Friday: Animal

A Trail of Glitter

Ella & Flora

Saturday: Black and White

A Trail of Glitter

Barbaras Paradies

Sunday: Favourite Place

A Trail of Glitter

Ella & Flora


A special Thank you goes out to @chichimizuki who also submitted two pictures to us during our challenge! You can see her pictures here:

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